Custom food grade recyclable pouch coffee yellow beans coffee pet food wheat flour four side sealing packaging bag

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The excellent high barrier material is to extend the shelf life of flour.It is easy to see through by transparent window.Vivid printing is best and recyclable material.Any color can be printed.

  • Recyclable metalized material

  • Brilliant shine printing surface

  • High barrier material to extend the shelf life.

  • Transparent window
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    Recyclable materials can be reprocessed into new items. Following the reduce, reuse, recycle,waste hierarchy this avoids resources being lost into the landfill or incinerator. The package can be reused as a similar item (for example glass bottles into glass bottles) or into a lower grade material (for example composing paper into toilet rolls).

    By definition, a circular economy reduces and regenerates. Instead of being used once and then thrown away. We should Reduce," "Reuse," and finally "Recycle" plastics to keep their economic value while preventing leaking into the natural environment.

    In comparison to other packaging options, these pouches use less plastic (Bottles, Jars & tubs etc.) - Reduce

    The consumer can reuse these while using the product - REUSE

    RECYCLE! They're percent recyclable.

    Recycling-friendly bags are critical for the circular economy and the zero-waste goal. By conserving natural resources, these reusable bags can benefit the environment.

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