Cutomized food grade recyclable coffee yellow beans coffee pet food wheat flour four side sealing metalized packaging bag

Short Description:

The excellent high barrier material is to extend the shelf life of flour.Vivid printing and any color can be printed. Good for packing coffee.

  • Recyclable material

  • Brilliant shine printing surface

  • High barrier material to extend the shelf life.

  • Transparent window
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    The recent, as well as the current trends in the packaging solutions and similar industries all, seem to point to the fact that side gusset pouches are rapidly gaining popularity and are taking over many of the old and traditional ways of packaging different types of products. There are many benefits of the side gusset pouch that make it a great candidate for packaging a whole variety of different types and categories of the consumer as well as industrial products.

    Side gusset pouches make for a great containing solution for large pet food bags. This is because it is important for the health of your customersbeloved pets that their food is kept a safe way away from anything that may harm the food such as contaminants. What this means is that you should ensure that your pet food is packed in bags that prevent harmful substances from the atmosphere to react with and deteriorate the quality of the foodstuffs within. If the quality of the pet food is compromised, it could result in serious health issues for pets, which will certainly not make your customers too happy with you.

    In addition to this, side gusset bags make durable and easily usable large pet food bags on account of easy they are to store sturdy their structure is. This means if your customers’ furry little friends do find a way to get to their treat bags, which they often do, it will be next to impossible for them to get to the content of the pet food bag or cause spillage. This feature alone could get your raving reviews from happy customers.

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