Cutomized food grade recyclable material for veggie sticks Chocolate Dry Fruits Nuts packaging film with excellent printing.

Short Description:

The excellent high barrier material is to extend the shelf life of FD veggie and fruit. Recyclable material and brilliant shine printing looks nice. 

  • moisture proof

  • Brilliant shine printing surface and Lap seal.

  • High barrier material to extend the shelf life.
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    Dry Fruits Nuts packaging film with high quality and excellent appearance, that is air tight and moisture protected s0 that the products can withstand the hassle of transportation and remain unbroken and undamaged. We provides higher grade and atmospheric resistant for offering longer shelf life of these sensitive and costly edible products.





    Base Material


    Type of Pouch


    Printing Technique


    Pouch Lamination

    Multi Layer Lamination

    Closure Type

    Heat Sealed


    Up to 9colors



    Our product are customized as per customer requirement.

    All sizes and printing pattern are available.


    Our Superiority

    Choose the best materials for your packaging

    Chocolate and stick candy is extremely vulnerable to sunlight and also needs protection against oxygen, especially if there are nuts inside, so the composite materials should preserve the initial gas composition and light level in the packaging.

    SCHEME 1 : The optimal for group chocolate sweets veggie stick packaging film. It is a three-layer laminate that will protect the product from sunlight and oxygen.

    transparent or matte PET/BOPP (good barrier properties against water condensate, high transparency)

    metalized PP (good barrier against water condensate and sunlight)

    transparent PE (sealing and structural layer, good barrier against water vapours)


    SCHEME 2 : is a two-layer laminate. The choice between transparent or non-transparent composite depends on whether the customer wants a look-through part for product display.transparent or matte PET/BOPP (good barrier properties against water condensate, high transparency)transparent or white PE (sealing and structural layer, good barrier against water vapours, high transparency)


    Product Parameters


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