Strengthen confidence, forge ahead – hold a work meeting in the first half of 2022.

On July 01, the company held a work meeting for the first half of 2022. All members of the company's leadership team, general manager, heads of various departments and director of Fenglou Packaging R&D Department and other people attended the meeting to summarize experience, focus on goals, gather strength, and forge ahead.


General Manager Chen Jiaqun analyzed the economic operation report in the first half of the year, comprehensively summarized the main work in the first half of the year, and deeply analyzed the business development situation. He pointed out that in the first half of the year, the group worked together to tackle tough problems, and the goal of "half the time and half of the task" was basically achieved, and the overall development momentum was good.

At the meeting, the heads of various departments of the workshop and the director of the Fenglou Packaging R&D Department made efforts in the first half of the year to improve the upgrading of workshop equipment and the management of personnel, and realized high-speed, high-precision, intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally friendly operation. In order to promote the development of the food preservation industry, with the joint efforts of colleagues in the R&D Department, it has won 5 high-tech inventions and passed the national high-tech enterprise certification.

"The revolution is not over, comrades still need to work hard" "General Manager Chen Jiaqun pointed out in his speech that under the current international market, Fenglou packaging should be more strict with themselves, keep good quality and quantity, more perfect workshop equipment and attach importance to talent training, in order to realize the dream of a century-old Fenglou, a classic brand. Finally, he pointed out that enterprises should use wisdom, cohesion, overcome difficulties, and go all out to ensure the completion of annual tasks while striving towards higher goals.

Post time: Sep-08-2022