Cutomized food grade matt resealable ziplock coconut roll stand up pouch aluminum foil packaging bag

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Resealable ziplock
Aluminum foil packaging bag


  • Zipper lock closure well, moisture proof and resealable well

  • 2.Brilliant shine printing surface

  • High barrier material to extend the shelf life.
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    We are pleased to introduce our Cutomized food grade matt resealable ziplock coconut roll stand up pouch aluminum foil packaging bagAvailable in a Standard Box Bottom and Rippa Zippa Bag in matt white and matt black in the following sizes 250g, 500g, 1kg.

    The bags are made with PET/AL/LLDPE with a matte varnish.This gives the bag a reinforced structure and helps the filled bag hold its shape better on the shelf. With the absence of a back seal you can enjoy uninterrupted front and back panels for greater flexibility on valve and label placements.

    Currently available in Silver,and customized printing color.

    Stand Up Pouches provide a safe and secure format to package a variety of products. They provide excellent barrier properties against water vapour and oxygen, making them the preferred packaging option for a wide range of Industries where product freshness and shelf life are a priority. They are especially suitable for foods products and our laminates are all FDA food grade approved.

    Due to the resealable nature of the product the pouches offer a number of convenient advantages to the end user as it helps promote product freshness by providing an air tight seal. There is also no need to decant any products into alternative containers as items can be stored for any length of time in the pouches.

    The pouches also offer a variety of economic and environmental advantages compared to rigid formats of packaging. They are cheaper and less polluting to manufacture, transport and store compared to rigid formats of packaging.

    From a sales perspective the pouches are easy to merchandise as they stand up on a shelf and can effectively display your product branding. Due to their resealable nature they become reusable for the end user, ensuring a longer life/usage span compared to other packaging formats.

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