Cutomized food grade recyclable liquid seasoning cookie icing reusable stand up spout pouch metalized packaging bag

Short Description:

The excellent high barrier material is to extend the shelf life of  The wide bottom is good for stand up.Reusable spout cap is suitable for liquid.

  • Water proof and reusable.

  • Brilliant shine printing surface

  • High barrier material to extend the shelf life.
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    Our product process, gravure printing technology, according to the pattern design you need, color processing documents, the production of the corresponding color resin plate. Adopt gravure printing technology, paste plate to the machine printing plate packaging film roller, use environmental protection  ink printing, adjust the printing plate for the first time, to overprint the position, adjust the pressure, make the printing pattern uniform, clear. Adjust the ink color again, overprint the position, achieve the desired effect, according to your needs for packaging.

    Our products have: environmental protection, biodegradable, strong water absorption, printing patterns clear, and so on. After printing, we can also use bronzing technology, the surface of the product can have various colors of gold, so that the product has more high-end atmosphere and grade. Machine one-time molding, high efficiency, price concessions, you are welcome to order at any time.

    Products Details

    Free design of crecyclable liquid seasoning cookie icing reusable stand up spout pouch metalized packaging bag with OGO printing
    Green production 450° high temperature treatment, soft and comfortable, no dust and no flakes, long and short fibres combined with friendly and non-invasive skin
    Free design and new style, one-to-one professional reception in 3 minutes
    Skin-friendly, soft and easy to fold without flaking
    Flexible and stretchable, not easily broken or deformed, more durable
    Spout and caps customized

    Application Scenarios|Pure from purity to healthnstead of a regular boxy bag, it has an irregular shape.  We need another mold to make it.  Special-shaped bag because of its unique shape, has a strong appeal to consumers, the design and printing of the self-reliance bag has become more and more colorful, and its manifestation is more and more, the development of the special self-reliance bag has gradually replaced the traditional self-reliance bag status trend.

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