Cutomized food grade recyclable pull tab zipper sunflower seed flat bottom pouch semigloss printing packaging bag

Short Description:

The pull tab zipper and excellent high barrier material.
Up to 9 colors for printing.
The wide bottom is good for stand up.

  • Pull tab zipper lock closure well, moisture proof and resealable

  • Brilliant shine printing surface

  • High barrier material to extend the shelf life.
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    Key Features of Flat Bottom Bags

    Freestanding pouch with flat bottom
    Box shape
    Excellent stability
    Material efficient design
    Available with zippers
    Suitable for high-speed automatic filling

    图片9100% Recyclable Options

    We have developed PP/PP Film Stand Up Pouches. Due to the mono film structure, these pouches are 100% recyclable, providing a more sustainable packaging solution for your brand.

    图片10Waste Reduction Benefits

    This format can help you achieve material reductions of 15-20% by volume, helping you to reach your waste reduction targets.

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